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Traditional Thai massage revolves around a network of 10 energy meridians that envelop the body, called "Sen."

Thai traditions teach that there are infinite connections throughout the body, and that these ten "Sen" are the largest channels from which all others emerge.

Onset of pain, disorders and disease is attributed to stagnation or blockage of energy flow throughout the Sen, which are cleared and stimulated using massage, acupressure and assisted yoga stretches.

This 5-day course explains the principles of Thai Sen Theory and Element Theory. Side-lying and sitting positions are introduced, as well as body-walking techniques, and Sen-specific routines for therapeutically targeted sessions.

Keeping the Thai Traditions in Traditional Thai!

The Thai Massage Institute's traditional courses remain true to Thai healing philosophy and elemental models. Traditional Thai courses do not include any elements of Western, Chinese, Indian Ayurvedic or other healing philosophies.

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Free Internship is Included!


This Institute allows its students to return to repeat courses for free as interns, as many times as they want, at no extra cost, as long as there is space for interns!

Internships are considered an invaluable opportunity and part of the learning process, as it allows students to repetitively see, hear and experience the foundational instruction as much as necessary!

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Pricing, Details & Registration

Prerequisites: Thai Massage I: Basics, or equivalent course.
Duration: 4 Instruction Days + 1 Testing Day

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Course Fee: $695.00 - Full Course Tuition

$150.00 - Registration Deposit to Reserve a Space

Checks, Money Orders, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex accepted.

Upcoming Courses

To Be Announced

To Register, or For More Information, Call

(888) 842-4627


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