Body Mechanics & Refinement

The Yoga of Thai Yoga:  How you use your body makes all the difference!

During this 40-Hour basic skills improvement course, students will practice the full basic learning routine each day under guided supervision, focusing on proper form for the practitioner, with refinement and variations for material previously learned in the prerequisite 40-hour training, Thai Massage I: Basics.

We will smooth transitions in the choreography, working out the kinks and your hesitation, building confidence throughout the full length of the routine.

You will continue to learn how to use less energy in each movement, with simple adjustments to your shoulders, pelvis and midback. We will build your body awareness and positioning for your long-term comfort, and general viability for years of extended practice.

Advanced Technique Evolves from the Basics

Knowing the basic toolset is enough to get started, and over time each technique will evolve into a precise instrument, to conduct energy where you want it to go!

The first step in taking your technique to that level is to start with the basics of form and positioning. Once you understand how to arrange and use your body to your own advantage, your technique will naturally deepen, and a small amount of effort will go a long way!

Preventing Injury for a Longer Practice!

In Thai Massage, how conscious and aware you are of your body determines the stability, strength, ease, effectiveness and safety of your practice!

Thai Massage performed with awareness of form and posture may seem almost effortless compared to doing the same work without this understanding. Poor alignment in the practitioner's body may force them to use too much energy to hold a position or to apply pressure. For casual enthusiasts, there's not as much need for concern... but for frequently active practitioners, chronic awkward or careless positioning may eventually create chronic problems, unless they learn and practice how to actively prevent such problems in the first place!

Paying attention to correct body mechanics and posture from the beginning works to prevent such weakness, finding a solid form, so you may perform far more effective (and longer) Thai massages, using much less effort, with less impact on yourself!

Required for 80-Hour Basic Certification.

This course, in any format, is required for students that seek a practitioner certification from this school. To be certified at any level, the instructor must have a certain level of confidence in your abilities, and most importantly this includes being able to observe and confirm that you understand how you can safely practice the basic art, for yourself and your clients, on a regular basis.

Those who achieve Basic Certification will likely still perform like beginners (as is natural, until you gain more practical experience over time), but you will be "advanced" beginners, with a safe, solid foundation to build on!

Free Internship Included!

This Institute allows its students to return to repeat courses for free, as many times as they want, at no extra cost, as long as there is space for interns!

Internships are considered an invaluable opportunity and part of the learning process, as it allows students to repetitively see, hear and experience the foundational instruction as much as necessary!

Read more about the Free Internship Program!

Students who have enrolled in this course may attend any of the following courses for free as an intern, in any format that they are offered in the future:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these classes approved for Continuing Education by the NCBTMB?


The Thai Massage Institute of Maui has been approved as a provider for CEs by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork!

Approved Provider # 451995-12

What are the "internship" opportunities?

These classes follow the traditions of its Thai lineage, including allowing students who have completed a course may attend that same course again as many times as they want, at no extra cost, as long as there is space for interns!

Internships are considered an invaluable opportunity and part of the learning process, as it allows students to see, hear and experience foundational instruction repeatedly to hone their understanding. Ideally, in time this small school, like others, will grow large enough to have a daily clinic of supervised intern students, who perform and observe massage treatments as part of their long-term training!

Read more about the Free Internship Program.