The Thai Massage Institute of Maui, Hawaii


The Essential Introduction to Traditional Thai Massage!

Students will learn a classic Northern-style routine of 90-120 minutes, a flowing series of massage, acupressure, energy meridian therapy and "applied yoga" stretching that softens, loosens, unravels & lengthens the whole body!

Principles of proper body mechanics are an important focus throughout the course, ensuring safety for both client and practitioner, while promoting efficient, effective technique. Students will also be introduced to related cultural aspects of Thai history, traditions and healing philosophy.

This 40-hour course is the first required for the 75-Hour Basic Certification.
Part Two is the 35-hour Body Mechanics & Refinement. You may take these courses separately, or enroll in the 10-Day Intensive Basic Certification.

Classes limited to 10 new students to ensure enough time for
1-on-1 instruction and practice in a supportive environment.

No experience in massage or yoga is required!

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What will I learn in this course?

  •  How to locate the Thai energy lines used to realign the body

  •  The most common stretches and massage techniques used in daily practice

  •  Proper body mechanics and positioning for safe, efficient and effective technique

  •  Introductions to Thai healing philosophy and a brief history of Thai massage

    Intensive Format: 5 Days, Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm


    Five days is the minimum time needed to learn and practice each element of this classic-style Northern routine! While students will be practicing and repeating what they've learned each day, note that on Day 4, you're still learning new material!


    Day 1:

    Intro to Thai Healing Philosophy, Feet & Ankles, Leg Energy Lines


    Day 2:

    Legs, Hips & Back Stretching 1 (Lying Face Up)


    Day 3:

    Hands & Arms, Arm Energy Lines, Chest & Abdomen, Yoga 1 (Face Up)


    Day 4:

    Legs, Hips & Yoga 2 (Face Down), Back, Back Energy Lines, Neck & Head


    Day 5:

    Practice, Practice!! Students are guided through the entire flow with the instructor. Each person will give and receive two full-length massages!


    There is A LOT of information in this course that builds up fast. While you don't need to remember the complicated theory (because there is no test after only 5 days, and it is in your book for later reference), what students do need to focus on is the "keep it simple" details of each Thai pose, and the step-by-step choreography to get the essential form and flow!

    Days are 8 hours each, 9am - 6pm.

    Free Internship is Included!


    This Institute allows its students to return to repeat courses for free as interns, as many times as they want, at no extra cost, as long as there is space for interns!

    Internships are considered an invaluable opportunity and part of the learning process, as it allows students to repetitively see, hear and experience the foundational instruction as much as necessary!

    Read more about the Free Internship Program!


    Students who have enrolled in this course may attend any of the following courses for free as an intern, in any format that they are offered in the future:

  • Thai Massage I: Basics - Intensive Format (40 Hrs)

  • An Introduction to Thai Massage (16 Hrs)


    Pricing, Details & Registration

    Prerequisites: None
    Class Times:

    Full Day: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Course Fees:

    Intensive Format





    Thai Massage I: 5-Day Intensive (Mon-Fri)

    40 / 40

    $ 150

    $   695

    $   795

    10-Day Intensive Certification (Mon-Thurs)

    75 / 60

    $ 300

    $ 1145

    $ 1295


    Prices do not include HI Tax of 4.166%, or fee for credit cards of 3.99%.

    Early Tuition - Register 1 Week in Advance

    Checks, Money Orders, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex accepted.

    Upcoming Courses in 2014

         Class Dates

    Early Bird

    Class Format

    To Be Announced

    To Register, or For More Information, Call

    (888) 842-4627

    Beginning Thai?  There's a few ways to get started!

    Introduction to Thai Massage

    2 Days

    16 Hrs

    175.00 USD*


    Thai Massage I: Basics

    10 Mornings, Sun & Wed
    5-Day Intensive, Mon-Fri

    40 Hrs

    795.00 USD*


    10-Day Basic Certification

    Intensive (Mon-Thurs)

    75 Hrs

    1295.00 USD*


    * regular prices, register early for discounts! *

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are these classes approved for Continuing Education by the NCBTMB?


    The Thai Massage Institute of Maui has been approved as a provider for CEs by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork!

    Approved Provider # 451995-12

    What are the "internship" opportunities?

    These massage classes follow the traditions of its Thai lineage, including allowing students who have completed a course may attend that same course again as many times as they want, at no extra cost, as long as there is space for interns!

    Internships are considered an invaluable opportunity and part of the learning process, as it allows students to see, hear and experience foundational instruction repeatedly to hone their understanding. Ideally, in time this small school, like others, will grow large enough to have a daily clinic of supervised intern students, who perform and observe massage treatments as part of their long-term training!

    Read more about the Free Internship Program.


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