Student Feedback

At the end of each course, students are provided forms to give feedback if they so choose. Such feedback is voluntary and may be anonymous, and students may fill them out then on the spot, or take them home for consideration before mailing them back.

The following are quotes from students over the years!

"This was my first Thai Massage course and the information was very appropriate for level 1. The flow was great, instruction was great. A very good experience that left me wanting to learn more."

"Practical demonstrations were very helpful, long and thorough. We learned each move broken down into manageable parts and flowing transitions."

"Course material was great, practical, innovative, challenging, but left me confident that I can perform a complete Thai massage."

"Matthew is very knowledgeable, gives the right amount of information and great tips, and a wonderful host."

~ Arianna (Massage Therapist, CA), 12/10/2010

"Excellent demonstrations. Extraordinarily clear and direct, with an excellent balance of detail and making complex more understandable."

"Excellent [course materials]. Remarkably clear illustrations and precise instructions."

"Matthew is a gifted teacher. He adjusts to different learning styles with patience and determination. He is both demanding (in a good way) and deeply caring."

~ Suki (Maui), 12/10/2010

"[Course material is the] best I have seen so far, easy to understand and read!"

"Matthew is the best at explaining and teaching the techniques of the art and love for Thai massage. The most caring and understanding teacher!"

~ Nani (Massage Therapist, Maui, HI), 12/10/2010

"I was extremely satisfied with this course and will highly recommended it to everyone I know that is interested in Thai Massage."

"The lectures were great. Matthew has amazing knowledge on this subject. I learned more than I had hoped to learn."

"Matthew is great at teaching the practical demonstrations. He exhibits patience with his students so that they can get the massage right."

~ Michael (Massage Therapist, Maui, HI), 11/12/2010

"I attended to your class in DC in 2005. My name is Katia and I'm from Brazil. These days I remembered about you and your thai massage class and decided to look for you at the internet, so I found this e-mail. I don't know if I told you, but your classes were really helpful. I learned a lot, thanks! Big hug!!"

~ Katia (Visitor, Brazil), 12/13/2008

"I have been meaning to write you for some time, so I was delighted to get your email! I have been wanting to tell you about my advanced course I took with Pierce and to express my thanks to you for the solid foundation you gave me. Foundation is so important and I feel blessed to have received that from you. Thank you!"

~ Kelly (Yoga Instructor, DC), 3/13/2006

"I want you to know that I enjoyed the class very much, and look forward to putting what I have learned into good use!"

~ Aihua (Massage Therapist, DC), 9/4/2005