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Certification Intensives

  10-Day Basic Thai Certification

Foundational Courses

  Thai Massage I: Basics
  Body Mechanics & Refinement
  Thai Massage II: Sen Theory

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  Introduction to Thai Massage
  Introduction to Thai Herbal Massage

Upcoming Course Schedule

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The mission of the Thai Massage Institute includes but is not limited to:


  • Providing students with a solid foundation of knowledge in the basic and advanced principles of traditional Thai massage, while wholly preserving the traditions upon which it is based without influence from that of other Eastern or Western healing systems.


  • Promoting current educational developments and advances within the massage schools of Thailand itself, including basic training in anatomy, physiology and pathology.


  • Further extending such developments through optional detailed Western studies of body systems including biomechanics, postural analysis, and common principles of massage, energetic and manipulation therapies.


  • Developing and offering continuing education programs.


  • Maintaining both traditional Thai and US massage industry Codes of Ethics and Standards of Practice.


    Integration with Public Health Care Systems


  • Educating the general public on the nature and benefits of Thai therapies.


  • Training and certifying qualified and competent practitioners of both traditional and integrated Thai massage therapies.


  • Promoting Thai massage programs that lead to massage therapist licensure, thereby enabling practitioners to work within medical settings and/or provide services covered by insurance in the United States.




  • Continuing research in the practical application of Thai massage through parallel study and comparison with the approaches of other modalities.


  • Supporting research into the historical body of knowledge yet to be fully understood, both within its own frame of reference and through reverse study with similar approaches.