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Certification Intensives

  10-Day Basic Thai Certification

Foundational Courses

  Thai Massage I: Basics
  Body Mechanics & Refinement
  Thai Massage II: Sen Theory

2 Day Introductions

  Introduction to Thai Massage
  Introduction to Thai Herbal Massage

Upcoming Course Schedule

NCBTMB Approved for
Continuing Education

Provider #451995-12


The Thai Massage Institute of Maui offers an in-depth traditional course of study, designed for everyone seeking firm authentic foundations in this sacred healing art.

Thai Massage, taught the Traditional Way

This school is of the Shivagakomarpaj Lineage, based in the Shivagakomarpaj Institute or "Old Medicine Hospital" of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Its director, Matthew Galena, first received this knowledge directly from Pierce Salguero, becoming the first Instructor of Thai Massage certified by the then-titled Tao Mountain School of Thai Massage in 2004 (now the Thai Institute of Healing Arts.)


Free Internship Opportunity for Most Courses

Following the traditions of its lineage, once you have taken an eligible course with this institute, you may return as an intern for free to repeat that same course, in any format, as many times as you need!

Read more about the Free Internship Program.

Preserving the Traditions in Traditional Thai

The educational standards of this Institute are of the highest quality for students who value the original roots and knowledge of traditional healing.

No knowledge from healing systems of other cultures is used to describe or explain elements of Thai traditional healing, as such approaches threaten to dilute and weaken the knowledge, understanding and application over the long term.

This Institute's only exception for Thai traditional courses is the occasional use of Western anatomy, to more specifically and reliably teach students how to find the Thai energy lines, which often may be described in less specific and/or confusing terms.

Beginning to advanced students will benefit from strictly traditional training in the basic foundations of Thai massage, energetic meridian philosophy and element theory, as this Institute advocates keeping such offerings as pure as possible to help preserve this priceless healing gem of Thailand's culture!

(Read more about the Institute's mission.)

Approved Provider for Continuing Education

Courses by the Thai Massage Institute of Maui are approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), providing quality opportunities for continuing education for massage and manual therapists.

Approved Provider #451995-12


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