The Thai Massage Institute of Maui, Hawaii



Call & Text:

(808) 463-7734


Call Toll Free:

(888) 842-4627

       (no texts)


* Many mobile phones will not "overdial" using more than 10 digits! *
Dialing more than "888-THAI-MAS" on your cellular may return an error!



[email protected]

Feel free to email any correspondence, but
do not subscribe this email to newsletters.


Street Address:

While office operations are in North Kihei, and mail is received at the address below, there is currently no permanent location for classes. Please check the details for a specific class to find out where it is being held.


Mailing Address:

Thai Massage Institute of Maui
1215 S Kihei Rd, Suite O-610
Kihei, HI 96753

No assistance is available at this location.

Unsolicited snail-mail will be recycled without being opened. Help save a tree.


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