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Want to participate in class as a practice body?

Students practicing Level 1 Basic material will be performing full-body Thai Massage routines!

November 4 - 7

(this Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)

9:00am - 1:00pm   &   2:00pm - 6:00pm

You must commit to a full morning or afternoon session.

This will NOT be a quiet student clinic!

Active, ongoing instruction may be taking place! Volunteers are essentially "auditing" a portion of the class for free. You get to listen to the instruction, but without practicing like a paying student. You get to learn and receive.

Please Email volunteer@thaimassagemaui.com

Please include what days you are available, with your phone number!

Located in Wailuku, Maui

For future alerts, please do one or more of the following:

Please include your phone number where possible! Email is the best way send alerts, but we still need to talk to make sure a practice is safe for you!

1)  Sign up for the Newsletter    (Recommended)


To receive only these alerts, make sure that you:

  • Check "Volunteer for Classroom Practice" on the sign-up form,

  • and/or "Low-Cost Student Clinic" for low-cost pay services from students.

  • 2)  Send an Email to volunteer@thaimassagemaui.com


    We will add you to our email list for classroom volunteers, and you will notified of upcoming opportunities!

    Again, please include your phone number (and name if it isn't obvious!)

    3)  Call (or Text) the Institute at  (808) 463-7734


    In this reality, the telephone is the method most likely to fail, but if none of the above options work for you, feel free to call! We will still ask for an email address, as alerts by the email newsletter are the preferred method.

    4)  Like the Institute's Facebook Page


    5)  Follow @thaimassagemaui on Twitter


    Signing up for the newsletter or sending an email directly is the best method, but regular alerts are mirrored over Twitter and Facebook for upcoming classes and chances to volunteer!

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